A gift from a nightmare

While watching the TV today came across a interview of David Ike and I know most think he is bonkers , but he said something that is close to the way that I live my life.

His quote “Life constantly presents the greatest opportunity brilliantly disguised as the biggest disaster” hit home to me.

I have always worked hard and my work CV is as weird as it gets all due to events out of my control with the most major one a serious accident that left me to the outside world as written off.

A broken neck and serious nerve damage to my right side , at the time I was told that my physical life was all but over. I could have done two things, give in & collect benefits or fight it, get better & figure out a way to carry on earning a living.

Well I have no clue how to claim benefits and never will do, as although I believe in the social system to help those on rough times, to many use it as a lifestyle choice and want a free ride which is not a option for me.

I decided to fully change the direction of my still early days business to fully online in the days when the internet was still new and not really used for shopping. This enabled me to work from bed with a laptop till I am able to get up and carry on , this from a nightmare became a gift as the internet took off so did the business

The next major nightmare was the collapse of that business leaving me with nothing as being the director I was responsible for some of the debts and when landed with a £880,000 bill it wiped me out so again left in a written off position, but had learned trading as part of the business and now in my mid forties with nerve damage no one wants to employ you and I knew the only way to regain my salary level I wanted was to work for myself and loved trading so knew the rewards were their and could deal with the stress of big number gains & losses

So what is the lesson here in trading , well its 2 fold:-

1 Never give up , if you have a real bad time learn and grow so the disaster gives you a gift

2 Don’t expect a free ride , a little out the box thinking and hard work you can overcome the world owes you nothing , you owe the world

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