About The Scruffy Trader

Who is The Scruffy Trader

Well The Scruffy Trader Gary better known as Langers to his friends is a unique sort of person.

Never one to shy away from a problem or believe a goal is impossible even in the face certain defeat, he uses sheer will power and self belief to overcome and succeed.

From humble beginnings at his hometown of Durham in the North of England, Langers at very early age found out if you want something you need to work for it, as nobody is going to hand it to you on a plate.

Do what you love and the money will follow

After working in the Blue Chip sector in his 20’s he started a business in the early 2000’s with very little, pushed hard to build up an impressive mail order company delivering all over the world and enjoyed the life a Managing Director of an international company should enjoy.

This was the start of a fascination with the currency market as part of the business was Import/Export that needed to use US Dollar to purchase goods in the Far East. Working with an ex bank manger in the office Langers learned the way a bank would look at the markets to profit from an exchange and thus increase the profit of the products purchased by buying at the right time to take advantage of currency rate fluctuations.

 As the years moved forward, currency purchases added a good size of profit to the business.

Sadly with the rise of giants eBay &  Amazon starting to take over the mail order industry forcing prices to floor and into a non profit situation. With great regret the decision was made too close down the business after 15 years costing Langers everything he owned while trying to support his team of staff, he was forced to let the family home go and give up the beautiful cars once enjoyed, coupled with the death or his Mother and childhood friend both to cancer with a few weeks of each other. A skull crushing blow to a normal person to have happen over years rather than all at once.

Rather than sit in the corner and cry he simply rolled up his sleeves looked at the situation and started again with his wife & best friend by his side,  spent a year getting his life back together, using the skills given.

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Now a few years down the line earns a good living from the screens by looking at the markets as a business and helping those in need to break the chains of financial worry who have being taken in by the flashy lights of the fake traders who show off rented cars and AirBNB flats , with Langers The Scruffy Trader what you see is what you get raw trading in the moment that can be verified on your own charts.

There are many story’s in his life of overcoming hardship which the blog will touch on from serious injury , betrayal and pure bad luck that has made him a stronger person , with one goal in his life to ensure that his wife is happy and his family never worry.

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