Realistic Expectation

Following on from some posts I have seen and certainly from the amount of emails I receive regards the markets , I am curious as to what the expectation of the market is ?

The emails I get fall into 2 categories besides the general but both have a common theme of they want the markets to deliver more than the market can give or have an expectation bigger than the account can generate ie turn 1k account into a 100k salary within a few months.

Email categories

1 I want to be rich , show me a strategy

2 I have a strategy but its not working

The first is just lazy , with no thought or respect of the markets after watching the Land of Make Believe videos with flash cars etc so they have little to no chance of ever being a trader.

The second has the idea, is trying and not to far away but trying to swing for the fences to much and find risk reward is out of whack to the plan they have, making the losses blow away the reward.

My question I guess is, are failing traders losing because of a expectation that is to high

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