Why do retail trades expect a FREE RIDE

Over the last couple months being on Youtube , I have to say I am amazed at how this industry is shown and the expectations of the general public. I used to be very active in forums but have now come away from all forums publicly as the toxic element is horrid as the arguments I see are stupid as not one who, throws out the abuse knows anything about doing trading as a living and are unprofitable but when they see my vids are jealous at the returns.

I have to ask the question why does this industry, which if done correctly can be one of the highest paying jobs you will ever have, have an expectation that the the training should be FREE and that you are rich in a couple of clicks?

If you wish to drive , you need to take lessons to learn in order to pass test , or if you are to retrain a new skill to change career you go to night school to learn and pay school fees , so again why would you think trading should be free ?

If you want it put the work in or pay to be trained if you cannot put it together as there are no free rides in this world !!

Little rant caused by 52 emails this morning all asking the same thing “Show me a strategy, I need to be rich” stupid as you will never be rich unless you are prepare to work for it, trading is so much more than strategy

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